Very few locations in Thassos can offer all the advantages that Prinos has. Its significance is not limited to the fact that it is one of the two points of ferry access to the island, but also to what the visitor can find and have direct access to: restaurants, supermarkets, the island’s farmer’s market, nightlife venues, ATMs, and the island’s sole Health Center. Everything lies just a few meters from the most privileged point: your room!

Thassos is not only Prinos. Even before its last rooftops disappear, the smell of oil and honey reminds visitors of the island inseparable link with nature and taste that lasts for millennia. If we add the freshness of the pines and the saltiness of the Aegean, then the puzzle is almost complete.


Moving north, one of the first beaches you will find is Natura. Each of its elements is uniquely attractive: the fine sand that starts from the shore and continues into the sea, its shallow, calm waters, the picturesqueness of the whole scenery. Its organized section is offered for carefree moments, even for families with children. You can find and a special beach bar there to relax and upgrade your moments.


​The road leads us to the beautiful Kazaviti  as we continue in the same direction. There aren’t enough words to describe what the visitor feels from the very first steps on the traditional village. With easy access and a plethora of entertainment options, Kazaviti combines amenities and a riveting setting: peace, calm, and tasty  traditional food, with the green claiming its space as it reaches the blue while offering its dense shade and a length that will allow you to enjoy it discreetly if you feel like it.


Of course, the beaches and Thassos’ points of interest are almost inexhaustible. The only practical limitation is the days you will stay on the island. As for any additional entertainment, relaxation, or exploration suggestions, we suggest and Sesoula restaurant 50meters from our hotel! Of course you can ask us for any further suggestions!

Skala Prinou

​A bit further north, you will find Skala Prinou. Its landscape is simply heavenly: the pines descend to its shore, stopping just because at that point the sea begins, but not neglecting to cast their shadow on the crystal clear, shallow – and completely safe even for children – waters. If rejuvenation is what you’re looking for, any compass stubbornly locks the needle that points to this location.

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